A true explorer and creative, ANOTHER F*#%ING ARTIST was founded by Atlanta artist Meredith Ochoa in 2017.

"I create and sell art that questions and inspires, and is independent of the fine art gallery model. Our business was founded with a rebellious spirit, and in that we aim to democratize the fine art I create, not necessarily making it 'unlimited' in quantity, but unlimited in execution and placement.  I create relationships with every client and view your business as a privilege."

What makes us different?  

My art business currently consists of two models: My portfolio business website showcases my fine art, conceptual projects & photographic client work at

ANOTHER F*#%ING ARTIST started in social media, and now serves as an e-commerce platform for making art financially accessible to everyone, as well as function in life beyond the drywall. Everyday items & gear like cutting boards, footwear & pet beds infused with imagination & authenticity.